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Same size multiparous females are more fecund than primiparous females and the percent difference in fecundity varied between approximately 28%-30%, depending on female size (Fig.
Remember this is one of the most highly fecund and productive species on the planet, with a 6-pound female able to produce 60 million eggs in a single year.
In this approach, which simplified the statistical analysis and provided intersurvey intervals of about one year, fecund women whose preference patterns were broadly similar were grouped into classes.
On stage, certainly, Goodman's poetry and Adams's fecund musical invention make for a very theatrical piece that melds big public issues with intimate private perspectives as well as any opera of any age.
Other hummingbirds drink from fecund pomegranates and luminous peaches.
Pelevin's dazzling vision and considerable gusto convey rare delight in his sexually charged, fecund world of self-made dreams.
fester and roll and tumble in the fecund belly of the mighty Sea.
As these pages show, and as writer Monroe tells us, Newton "created images of modern Florida that symbolized the state as the place to really be alive, to raise a family in its fecund wilds, and to find solace as one looks back at life in retirement.
Berkeley": I am thinking of the city of Cata Huyuk, / elder sister of Jericho, nexus / of stone-age trade, shrine of the chthonic / goddess and her fecund, polyandrous / queens.
The three most fecund ones are John Edwards, Fred Thompson and Hillary Clinton; the three most recalcitrant are John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama.
Too much time inside reduces young people's conception of what it means to be a physical creature on this fecund planet.
That exposure during hibernation may have cued something physiologically to make the animals more fecund.