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PLANT ROUTES : It is such a fecund year - I love that word and it sounds best with a Lancashire accent - we can hardly keep up with it.
Even the most fecund writers can find that inspiration eventually fails.
Mao Zedong left behind some terrible memories, a few nostalgic admirers in Paris and a very fecund, cutting edge iconography
Once fecund fields of produce now sustain well-clipped grass.
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and emerges with something of a draw in "The Unknown Known," a coolly hypnotic conceptual sequel to Morris' Oscar-winning Robert McNamara study, "The Fog of War," by way of 2008's Abu Ghraib docu "Standard Operating Procedure" Ranging over familiar material, but made vivid by Morris' fecund associations and invigorating stylistic flourishes, this as-yet undated release from Weinstein Co.
Fantasy factory has decided to deal with this fecund subject with all its warts.
In reply, the CERN director spoke of a fecund dialogue between science and religion.
A mossy velvet damp: fecund, but also somehow, at the same time,
Down another corridor, gorgeous giant bees fashioned of white Japanese paper fluttered like angelic souls, and a nook filled with an impenetrable Arcadian field of wheat fronds beckoned like unattainable desire, both reminders of the fecund pleasures of the living earth.
Heading east toward the coast, the air thickens; the fecund earth yields old growth, bearded oaks; on the flat highway the world of encroaching green closes in on you--then the relay of bridges over the shallow brackish waters dotted with colonies of soldier crabs boring in and out of mud and seagrass.
In fact, two of that artistically fecund tribe were still producing music as of last October.
Additionally, other research suggests red snapper is a "periodic strategist" in regards to its productivity--it's one of the most fecund and highly productive spawners on the planet.