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I've named them Fuxi and Nuwa after the mythic Chinese couple who fecundated the world into being.
According to Almeida and Lemonica (2000), the rate of pre-implantation loss establishes a correlation between the number of ova released and those that, after being fecundated, manage to be implanted in the uterus.
Roger's sexual performance is insipid: the chilling predator fails to arouse the voluptuous Verna to her wonted lubricity, and she instinctively knows that she is in no danger of being fecundated by him (281).
Their introduction is filled with obfuscating prose such as the following gem: "That opacity of knowledge, figured in the cross-mirroring faces and forces of available identification, is the kind of disorienting refraction that Sedgwick sees as constitutive of a self, her self, the self that fecundates and is fecundated by inimitable similarities, similar inimitabilities" (emphasis in original).
Vivas libelled as a "disreputable old wolf" the representational etiology of art that ever since Aristotle affirmed it in the Physics has fecundated much of the most durable thought in Western poetics.