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Through these associations the act of dancing is connected to the fecundating sexual encounter and to the action of collective pool fishing, linking the dance universe to the maternal life-bearing universe of the water spirits.
one can distinguish parts that are more invariant than others and thus form materials of hardness and consistency, resulting from diverse epochs of civilizations, materials that move in space, created, hurled, and driven by currents of ideas, clashing, influencing, annihilating, and fecundating each other.
Fecundating rays of starlight become radiographic photon streams.
Who follows the rule of the bull" means "who acts like a bull," who is virile by nature, or, perhaps more precisely, who, as a rule, is fecundating.
In these hazy, lush works, it's as if mathematics itself has become a fecundating principle.
Less well known is the extent to which Buddhist and Christian cultures became mutually fecundating in Central Asia in the first centuries of the Common Era.
Thence comes the fecundating power of suffering, as it leads inevitably to a profound inner solitude.
Rimbaud's presence in the first and penultimate works of Ponge's prose poem collection unfolds primarily through Ponge's fecundating use of water imagery.
Hence in God's fecundating Creation there is no possibility of Idolatry, and therefore no possibility of committing this so-called abomination.