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It is important to emphasize that the complex fecundation processes are directly controlled by hormone concentration in the female's reproductive tract influencing spermatozoid capacitation that occurs at a specific moment depending on the species.
The increase of the concentration of the crude extract in the treatment of gametes before fecundation promoted a rise in the number of unfertilized eggs.
He diagnosed the Hebrinae by the fourth antennal segment bearing a preapical cluster of modified (blunt) hairs and the female gynatrial complex with a tubular basal thickening of the fecundation canal.
The haploid plants result from a male sexual cell or a female sexual cell without fecundation.
A psychic vocabulary pertaining to eroticism and fecundation is evoked in the allusion to the hare (le lievre), a figure of reproduction in nature, and in the literary allusion to the fantasmatic Berthe, who, in the quintessential realist novel penned by Maupassant's mentor, becomes for Emma Bovary an emblem of the search for an elusive origin projected through reproduction onto a bodily surface.
The focus of the theogony is, of course, human sacrifice, ritual rape of a virgin, killing of the child as the young maize god which climaxes with a young captive tied to a board, arms and legs extended, and shot to death with arrows--and as Westheim observes "this ceremony has the same symbolic significance: copulation, fecundation," whether female or, as in this case, male virgin.
Fe1ix-Archimede Pouchet, Theorie positive de la fecondation des mammiferes basee sur l'observation de toute la serie animale (An empirical theory of the fecundation of mammals, based on observations of the entire animal series) (Paris: L'Herne, 1842), 11.
The ideology of conception which attributes fecundation of wives to conception spirits can be regarded as further devaluation of the role of the father who is denied genitor status: see Merlan (1986) and Tonkinson (1991).
As Shirley Neuman notes, "[T]he fecundation is achieved without any male presence" (68).
The true function of a theory, conceived as an integral part of the methodological process, is to be the most powerful instrument of epistemological rupture with the preliminary notions of common sense, due to the establishment of a body of systematic and autonomous statements, of a language with its own rules and dynamic that imbues it with a fecundation role.
The fecundation aspect is obvious in the "Leyenda" version, where Quetzalcoatl bleeds his penis, and even more so in the legend on the origin of the lords of Cuitlahuac, whose ancestors were born from the blood Mixcoatl (father also of Quetzalcoatl) extracted from his penis.
3) Part III describes the pregnancy itself, the active roles of the male and female in fecundation and the various stages of gestation of the embryo.