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Therefore, the objective of the present investigation was to analyze aspects of the reproductive biology previous not studied (fecundity, egg volume, reproductive output) in M.
Fecundity estimation: Fecundity was studied by examining matured ovaries using gravimetric method.
We address a lack of adequate data on reproductive characteristics in this region and revisit fecundity at maternal length to evaluate any density-dependent effects that may have occurred as the female spawning stock biomass was rebuilding.
FOR estimates < 1.0 reflect diminished fecundity (longer TTP), and FORs > 1 reflect enhanced fecundity (shorter TTP).
shalvnius, and define the successive maturation phase so that a clear understanding on its reproductive cycle can be gained including GSI, fecundity and ova-diameter.
A study by Wisconsin and Minnesota fishery researchers in Big Crooked Lake, Wisconsin, demonstrated that age at maturity but not fecundity of walleye increased as density increased.* Because of the energetic demands of developing eggs and sperm, fish size determines sexual maturity.
Reproduction is directly affected by various management related factors in caprines, which may cause changes in reproductive performance in terms of fertility and fecundity. Obviously, increase in fecundity requires good management and food availability (Duricic et al., 2012).
The highest fecundity (342.5 89.55 eggs) was recorded on D9, whereas the lowest fecundity (42.5 5.48 eggs) was recorded on D4.
The objective of this research was to determine the effects of humidity on the fecundity and time of egg hatch on F.
Understanding factors that affect fecundity in this species is complicated by the fact that ovigerous females enter traps infrequently.
Both egg diameter and fecundity (F) were determined from the mature fish, not spawned just before the spawning period.