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carnea require intake of protein for high fecundity which is obtained from amino acids as a food source by feeding on honey dew (Zheng et al.
It has been assumed that Ovsynch protocol is an alternative to vaginal sponge treatments, since the Ovsynch protocol as compared to vaginal sponge treatment has high results for kidding (58% vs 46%) and fecundity rates (1.
length at first maturity, sex ratio, GSI, fecundity and spawning are among the important aspects of reproductive biology of fishes.
0 reflect diminished fecundity (longer TTP), and FORs > 1 reflect enhanced fecundity (shorter TTP).
Fecundity: Fecundity was estimated from gravid females collected from the Umiam River throughout the study period, and was determined using the gravimetric method (Babiker & Ibrahim, 1979).
Density dependence of walleye maturity and fecundity in Big Crooked Lake, Wisconsin, 1997-2003.
The diets contained artificial ingredients significantly influenced oviposition and post-oviposition periods and fecundity of females [4,5].
The objective of this research was to determine the effects of humidity on the fecundity and time of egg hatch on F.
Understanding factors that affect fecundity in this species is complicated by the fact that ovigerous females enter traps infrequently.
Both egg diameter and fecundity (F) were determined from the mature fish, not spawned just before the spawning period.
Relative fecundity did not change with size and age, verifying the assumption made in the Alaska sablefish stock assessment that relative reproductive output is linearly related to female spawning biomass.