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The results of his work will be fed back to the NHS to improve health services.
The actual speed is fed back from speed encoders mounted on each hydraulic motor, and the flow is adjusted to give a speed following the command.
The benefit to International (aside from raking in an approximately $40 monthly service fee per truck) is a robust flow of data about the performance of their products that can help reduce warranty costs and be fed back into new designs.
So the problem is fed back to the roads immediately bordering entertainment and leisure areas.
The time scale, of over a decade, allowed lessons learned to be fed back into the process.
Consumers Union noted that even today "rendered cattle remains can be fed to swine and chickens, and that rendered swine and chicken remains can, in turn, be fed back to cattle.
The system takes water from the presses and purifies it through a series of filters and cyclones before it is fed back into the mill process and eventually into the evaporation plant.