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The rest of the company ducks, falls, and hits the floor with reverberating thuds that ore miked and fed back by Matthew Ostrowski, whose gritty sound core is one of the performance's great achievements.
The information collected and fed back to ground-based meteorologists has helped predict downpours, even floods, with far greater accuracy than before, said William Neff, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Aerosmith even uses special ear monitors to lower the music level they play as it's fed back to them.
This industry knowledge and experience is constantly fed back into our products allowing us to introduce the most amazing, creative tools for the industry.
Most TPEs can be re-granulated and fed back into the extruder in amounts up to 25% with new material, according to the company.
Trains are being sent to Eastleigh on the south coast on a phased basis before all 59 are fed back into the system fortnightly starting in the summer.