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Relating to the general government or union of the states; based upon, or created pursuant to, the laws of the Constitution of the United States.

The United States has traditionally been named a federal government in most political and judicial writings. The term federal has not been prescribed by any definite authority but is used to express a broad opinion concerning the nature of the form of government.

A recent tendency has been to use the term national in place of federal to denote the government of the Union. Neither settles any question regarding the nature of authority of the government.

The term federal is generally considered to be more appropriate if the government is to be viewed as a union of the states. National is used to reflect the view that individual state governments and the Union as a whole are two distinct and separate systems, each of which is established directly by the population for local and national purposes, respectively.

In a more general sense, federal is ordinarily used to refer to a league or compact between two or more states to become joined under one central government.


adjective allied, associated, banded, central, combined, confederate, federate, federative, foederatus, foedere sociatus, governmental, joined in a union, joint, leagued, merged, national, united
Associated concepts: federal aid, federal common law, feddral Constitution, federal courts, federal government, federal jurisdiction, federal law, federal offense, federal question, federal regulation, federal rights
See also: collective, mutual, national, public
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When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration sought to implement the new federal accounting standards, two areas posed challenges: property, plant and equipment and managerial cost accounting.
TEI submits that, unless the taxpayer has signed a waiver of the State's statute of limitations, a State's examination of reported federal changes should be limited to the effect of those changes on the taxpayer's state liability.
Within the federal budget, the NRE sector contains five major groups of programs and agencies.
For example, in federal court, a corporate defendant has two opportunities to dismiss a lawsuit before trial: a motion to dismiss (which tests the legal sufficiency of a plaintiff's case) and a motion for summary judgment (which tests the factual sufficiency).
As we will show, the properly constituted legislative, executive, and judicial offices at the federal, state, and local levels all have indispensable roles to play in providing a defense against terrorism.
The company buys primarily from large scrap dealers and wholesalers, not over the scale or from the peddler trade, says Rik Kohn, Federal Metal's vice president of sales, who spent roughly the first half of his career at Federal Metal handling the company's purchasing.
A notice of suspension and prohibition was issued under a provision of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act that authorizes the Federal Reserve Board and other bank regulators to limit the activities of bank officials who have been charged with certain criminal offenses pending the resolution of the charges.
Another calculation that follows Federal law is the limit on passive activity losses from actively managed rental real estate.
When Congress creates a federal penalty for actions traditionally prosecuted at the state level, it violates the core constitutional principle of federalism, which prohibits Congress from legislating on local matters.

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