federal officer

See: marshal
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At the fork of the road, a little to one side, they found two bodies lying close together--that of a Federal officer and that of a Confederate private.
Owen was later taken into custody by federal officer Turner, who reported that he was cleared to go to the rally by the "Denver Mega-Center," a dispatch center that monitors federal government facilities across the Western United States.
Under the existing rules of business, provincial government could surrender the services of any federal officer posted in the province through a notification issued by the Establishment Division.
Right now, again, we are investigating this matter as a potential assault on a federal officer, we're trying to gather the facts, and if the facts support that, then we will pursue it legally.
The couple was charged with 20 counts of bank fraud, criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice, making false statements to a federal officer and aggravated ID theft.
Sharing best practices is one of the keys of this meeting, said David Borak, the EM Designated Federal Officer who oversees and facilitates the operation of the advisory boards, located at the Savannah River Site, Hanford, Los Alamos, Paducah, Nevada National Security Site, Portsmouth, Oak Ridge, and Idaho National Laboratory.
Authorities said Thursday that Jason Schaefer, 26, of Portland is accused of assault on a federal officer and using an explosive in the course of committing a felony.
However, subcommittee or other subgroup meetings may be conducted informally, using suitable technology to facilitate the meetings, subject to oversight by the Designated Federal Officer of the Committee.
Mohammedwas indicted last Wednesday on charges including attempted first degree murder of a federal officer.
On Thursday he was charged with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer and obstruction of justice in connection with a separate 2014 standoff on federal land near his Nevada ranch.
In the United States, murder and assault are state crimes, not federal crimes (except when a federal officer is the victim), so the hate crime charge has been used to bring in federal law enforcement where it normally would have no jurisdiction.
The AAG submitted that no direction could be passed to federal government to appoint a federal officer for launching a complaint under Article 6.

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