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The federalization process consist of three stops: a site survey to determine the best design of the checkpoints and what construction may be needed to install explosive detection devices, checkpoint reconfiguration to improve the security and safety of passengers; and the deployment of a general screening workforce by the November 19, 2002 deadline imposed by Congress.
The panel's report identifies a sizeable list of adverse consequences that potentially flow from inappropriate federalization, in addition to generally undermining the state-Federal fabric and disrupting the important constitutional balance between the Federal and state systems.
In his State of the Judiciary Report, Chief Justice William Rehnquist criticized this trend toward federalization.
The first several chapters of the book deal in fascinating detail with intra-elite rivalries in Yucatan provoked by such issues as the federalization of the resource-rich territory of Quintana Roo and the suppression of the Maya rebels of the cult of the Speaking Cross (cruzob).
Without the federalization of laws regulating firearms, a matter left to the states during most of our country's history, neither the BATF or FBI would have had jurisdiction at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and any law-enforcement actions would have been handled locally, if at all.
Rapid, unchecked federalization of criminal activity could overwhelm the limited resources of Federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.
Cost Shifting: The Final Straw in Federalization of Health Care
Proponents of federalization have repeatedly said their goal is to end the domination of Imperial Manila in our unitary system of government.
During the election of new President of Parliament, Grubi stressed that BDI is against the process for federalization of Macedonia.
Raising the issue of a federation or that of federalization would affect the territorial integrity of Syria, which goes against the Constitution, the national concepts and international resolutions," the source said.
As the federalization and state reforms related issues and challenges cannot be foreseen clearly, rather these unfolds in the course of working and discussions, issues like functional analysis, transitional management, civil employees census have been identified and inculcated into the project s priority undertakings to prepare the Government for the ensuing change.