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So if D'Amato's bill (which attempted to federalize all gun crime) had passed, it would have cost the federal government an estimated $8 billion per year_far more than the costs of prosecuting these cases at the state level.
Congress also has power to provide for calling the militia into federal service, meaning that Congress can federalize the militia of one or more states or pass legislation authorizing the president to call the militia into federal service.
Officials from the TSA briefed the National League of Cities last week on the agency's moves to implement the congressional mandate to federalize airport security.
1447 would federalize the security screening process at airports (a contentious issue), add federal sky marshals, call for more crew training, and require additional security procedures such as securing cockpit doors.
states that Huntleigh alone should not be made to bear the financial burden of the government's decision to federalize a function that had been performed by private companies for decades.
Congress federalize certain portions of our judicial system that, up until now, have been the province of the states?
and in an interim assignment to federalize Myrtle Beach (S.
One of its objectives is to federalize our local police.
The controversial bill, part of the National Defense Authorization Act, would permit the president to federalize National Guard units in the event of "a serious natural or manmade disaster, accident, or catastrophe that occurs in the United States, its territories and possessions, or Puerto Rico.
Command Security Corporation (OTCBB: CMMD) announced today that it anticipates that the decision by the US government to federalize the pre-board screening process currently performed by private security firms such as Command Security will have an adverse impact on the results of the company.
We have assigned pluses to the "nays" because this legislation would further federalize the criminal code as well as punish not only criminal acts but the thoughts behind them.
WASHINGTON - Saying that the public ``needs to see a federal badge of authority'' to restore its faith in the safety of air travel, Mayor James Hahn on Thursday urged Congress to federalize all airport screening personnel.