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Relating to the general government or union of the states; based upon, or created pursuant to, the laws of the Constitution of the United States.

The United States has traditionally been named a federal government in most political and judicial writings. The term federal has not been prescribed by any definite authority but is used to express a broad opinion concerning the nature of the form of government.

A recent tendency has been to use the term national in place of federal to denote the government of the Union. Neither settles any question regarding the nature of authority of the government.

The term federal is generally considered to be more appropriate if the government is to be viewed as a union of the states. National is used to reflect the view that individual state governments and the Union as a whole are two distinct and separate systems, each of which is established directly by the population for local and national purposes, respectively.

In a more general sense, federal is ordinarily used to refer to a league or compact between two or more states to become joined under one central government.


adjective allied, associated, banded, central, combined, confederate, federate, federative, foederatus, foedere sociatus, governmental, joined in a union, joint, leagued, merged, national, united
Associated concepts: federal aid, federal common law, feddral Constitution, federal courts, federal government, federal jurisdiction, federal law, federal offense, federal question, federal regulation, federal rights
See also: collective, mutual, national, public
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It would be a federally funded clinic to serve the underinsured.
PHAs immediately must terminate tenancy if they determine that any household member has ever been convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing.
the source has at least one PSEU with a federally enforceable emission limit;
Title XI contemplates that the states will establish appraiser certification and licensing agencies, as well as set minimum requirements for individuals who are qualified to perform appraisals in connection with federally related transactions.
I had heard about a Federally Insured Program that could help me and decided to contact Senior Lending for more information," stated Eloise.
746(1)/75, dated the 7th July, 1975 and the Senate (Election of Members from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Order, 2002 (Chief Executive's Order No.
The Van Nuys-based Valley Economic Development Center offers a federally funded BizWorks program, which it reserves for legally documented immigrants.
the CSC to develop and implement a needs-assessment tool that "responds to the needs of federally sentenced women," including Aboriginal women, racialized women, and women with disabilities.
The Credit Union Audit Improvement Act of 1997 (HR 2552) would amend the FCUA to require each federally insured credit union to
These new rules make a mockery of Title XI by exempting transactions under $100,000 from the Title XI requirement that a state licensed or state certified appraiser must be used in all federally related transactions.
Today many of the men and women who viewed his federally sanctioned trade school as a ticket out of poverty are still holed up in the Nashville projects.
The 1067-acre Great Valley Conservation Bank will address mitigation of habitat impacts to threatened and endangered vernal pool species, the federally threatened California Tiger Salamander and is expected to add coverage of the federally endangered San Joaquin Kit Fox.

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