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In addition, Federated Rural writes in 45 states, thus mitigating the exchange's geographic concentration of risk to major weather events.
The Federated Wireless Partner Program will help us to quickly align our product development cycle with standards as they continue to emerge, allowing Operators to move quickly to commercial deployment this year by removing the time and cost of interoperability testing.
Federated Investors is an investment manager in the United States, managing USD 365.9bn in assets as of 31 December 2016.
Federated Wireless has a central position in the development and setting of standards for the 3.5GHz band.
Silva added, This successful fundraising will enable Federated Wireless to accelerate the commercialisation of its proven technology.
And Albrecht continued to eliminate every frill from the "Red & White organization" in the "70s and "80s -- a time of when food prices were on the rise -- to promise the lowest possible cost of Red & White products to Federated's customers.
It isn't like Federated is stepping up and creating a new store.
The Federated School is part of the training and education link to the larger Centre of Excellence in Mining Innovation being proposed for Sudbury.
To achieve this, Federated has invested in technology and infrastructure that enable the sending, viewing, and sharing of information in an electronic format.
WebFeat's translator library of more than 3,600 databases will allow Serials Solutions' client libraries to include virtually any database in their federated search solution.
Federated owns Macy's, an upscale merchant and well-known sponsor of the New York City Thanksgiving Day parade, plus five regional department stores including Seattle-based The Bon.

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