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A joining together of states or nations in a league or association; the league itself. An unincorporated association of persons for a common purpose.


noun affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, centralization, coalition, combination, combine, concert, confederacy, confederation, cooperation, federal union, integration, league, merger, organized body, pool, syndicate, unification, union
Associated concepts: labor federation, unincorporated association
See also: alliance, association, body, cartel, chamber, coaction, coalescence, coalition, committee, compact, company, confederacy, consolidation, contact, contribution, cooperative, corporation, enterprise, integration, league, merger, organization, partnership, pool, society, sodality, syndicate, union
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He said the International Kabaddi Federation informed Pakistan Kabaddi Federation through an official letter addressed to him.
Islamabad -- Ministry of Finance was facing acute shortage of funds due to economic crisis of the country and annual grants of many departments and divisions are not properly being disbursed according to schedule and in first six months of the fiscal year, the Finance Department has just released less than 25 percent grants to various sports federations.
The House resolution followed a motion of urgent public importance sponsored by Honourable Ayo Omidiran entitled, 'Need to investigate the under remittances of over 5 billion dollars to the Federation Account by the CBN.
An investigation would be conducted very soon to assess the federation account, he said.
In messages sent to the President of the Republic, the federations underline that these presidential measures are likely to endow Tunisian sports, all disciplines included, with the attributes of success on the national, continental and international levels, in accordance with the ambitious objectives set in the presidential programme "Together We Meet Challenges" for this sector.
Call 718-760-7540 for reservations or visit the Federation website www.
We have said that the decision where to go in 2006 must be taken by the athlete," says Ole Udsholt, a board member of the European federation and the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA), the organization set up to administer the World Outgames.
The collapse of coffee prices nevertheless has affected the finances of the coffee federation, the trade group that represents the majority of Colombia's coffee growers and the largest rural non-governmental organization in the world.
With its involvement in the anti-globalization movement, the labor federation propelled its work in new directions that many had not imagined possible.
Led by Deng Pufang, the Disabled Persons' Federation is playing a very important role in developing China's rehabilitation service delivery system for people with disabilities.

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