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A joining together of states or nations in a league or association; the league itself. An unincorporated association of persons for a common purpose.


noun affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, centralization, coalition, combination, combine, concert, confederacy, confederation, cooperation, federal union, integration, league, merger, organized body, pool, syndicate, unification, union
Associated concepts: labor federation, unincorporated association
See also: alliance, association, body, cartel, chamber, coaction, coalescence, coalition, committee, compact, company, confederacy, consolidation, contact, contribution, cooperative, corporation, enterprise, integration, league, merger, organization, partnership, pool, society, sodality, syndicate, union
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What followed, beginning in the Federationist in late 1936, was an extremely open debate in the BC CCF over the popular front with A.
Pierson, "A Full Employment Program," American Federationist, August 1945.
The second point that needs to be made emerges from the simultaneous publication in the British Columbia Federationist, the paper of the Vancouver Trades and Labor Council, of an article entitled "Proletarian Dictatorship.
The federationist group in Sydney included a prime example of a colonial-born 'Irishman', Francis Bede Freehill.
145) The Victoria raids were part of a national dragnet that enveloped labour radicals from Vancouver to Montrdal, with the Federationist accusing the Dominion government of conspiring, through the RNWMP, "to establish a reign of terror so far as organized labor is concerned.
Within this political climate, a dejected labour newspaper, the British Columbia Federationist, forecast Gramsci's hegemonic theory by stating that "the powers of state, including the militia, the policemen, the courts, the judges, the jails, the penitentiaries, the press, the pulpit, the civil services, and all that the machinery of government implies, are today in the hands of the employing class.
53) The BC Federationist, 15 July 1921, lists a strike at Gillies Bay, Texada Island, that involved the LWIU, but it is unclear whether or not the union had a local there or not.
His speech, given to a crowd of at least one thousand, was greeted with "tremendous cheering" and the BC Federationist later printed a letter supporting both Gosden and his call for industrial sabotage.
24) "Workers' Party Notes," The Citizen (Halifax), 20 October 1922; Samuel Gompers, "Another Attempt at Soviet Dictatorship Unmasked," American Federationist, May 1922; Philip S.
3) Hazel Hertzberg, in Social Studies Reform, discussed two main camps in social studies: federationists, who favor distinct disciplines, and unitarians, who favor curriculum integration.
Among the Imperial Federationists in Canada (many of whom were Social Darwinists), there was a great deal of concern about immigration from southern, eastern and central Europe, from which increasing proportions of immigrants were coming in the last two decades before 1914.
Education of that kind will be considered biased, subversive and unAustralian, but Bob Menzies would never have thought so; in fact, no conservative politician since the early Federationists would have questioned the right of our young to unfettered scholarship.

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