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He was short in stature, very thin, and apparently very feeble.
Little George visited her captivity sometimes and consoled it with feeble gleams of encouragement.
She slaved, toiled, patched, and mended, sang and played backgammon, read out the newspaper, cooked dishes, for old Sedley, walked him out sedulously into Kensington Gardens or the Brompton Lanes, listened to his stories with untiring smiles and affectionate hypocrisy, or sat musing by his side and communing with her own thoughts and reminiscences, as the old man, feeble and querulous, sunned himself on the garden benches and prattled about his wrongs or his sorrows.
Feeble as it was, however, and gone in a moment, it had a charm of wonderful beauty.
He had no right to be a martyr; and, beholding him so fit to be happy and so feeble for all other purposes, a generous, strong, and noble spirit would, methinks, have been ready to sacrifice what little enjoyment it might have planned for itself, --it would have flung down the hopes, so paltry in its regard,--if thereby the wintry blasts of our rude sphere might come tempered to such a man.
Hearing the more regular rise and fall of his breath (which, however, even then, instead of being strong and full, had a feeble kind of tremor, corresponding with the lack of vigor in his character), --hearing these tokens of settled slumber, Hepzibah seized the opportunity to peruse his face more attentively than she had yet dared to do.
TUC boss Frances O'Grady said: "It's a feeble proposal, watered down beyond all recognition.
In a statement in Lahore he said, 'When the PML-N assumed power, the country was facing a lot of problems including feeble economy.
A man made "a feeble attempt" to convince police officers that a truck full of cannabis was all for his own personal use.
The centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), junior partner to Merkel's conservatives in their ruling "grand coalition", accused the chancellor of a "pretty feeble performance" in announcing her candidacy on Sunday evening.
Moreover Pakistan Hajj Mission arranged 400 wheelchairs for elderly and feeble pilgrims.
How did this super-long feeble in this article compare to that one you did in Holland for the Vans video?