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Examples of loaded adjectives specific to children with disabilities are slow, retarded, lazy, docile, backward, crazy, feeble-minded, cripple, idiot, deaf, dumb, and, sometimes, special.
they can certainly give you a good nip, but only a feeble-minded person would think they like meat.
This new generation, led by educator and charity worker Mary Dendy and physician Alfred Tredgold, sought instead permanent confinement, arguing that the hereditary nature of mental defect made it imperative that idiots, imbeciles, and the merely feeble-minded (a sliding scale of disability) be barred from producing families of their own.
Reform schools used intelligence tests to segregate populations, shuttling the feebleminded minority inmates off to the Sonoma State Home for the Feeble-minded for sterilization.
One of the most thought-provoking aspects of Joe's character is that his intellect is probably sound; only Alvin's interference over the years has kept Joe seemingly feeble-minded.
Poor Liz must've been horrified until she realized what her feeble-minded Dad had done.
People who the Nazis identified as "life unworthy of life" - Lebensunwertes Leben - included the criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane and the weak.
But only a feeble-minded idiot like yourself could imagine such incoherent messages such as "I'm living la vida loca" and "My hips don't lie" to actually be pop-culture offerings of smitten love birds with IQ deficiency.
I appreciate DeFazio's pluck, but Humphrey's theorem must extend to the feeble-minded, which includes those who believe they can prevent a personal health tragedy by refusing to participate in its prevention.
In the United Kingdom, Marie Stopes said that she would "legislate compulsory sterilization of the insane, feeble-minded, revolutionary, and half castes.
As Haaretz noted in its editorial this morning, racist and populist rulings that rely on feeble-minded and simplistic interpretations of the Halacha very much fall into the unbecoming category.
But there were problems all over for Celtic, in midfield, up top and in goal, and if Lennon reckons the main problem is one of mentality then why on earth did he sign such feeble-minded men in the first place?