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Psychiatrist Dr K O Miller, called for the defence, said Birch was feeble-minded and his reactions were more those of a child who had misbehaved rather than of a man charged with murder.
Protecting the social body: The use of the organism metaphor in fighting the "menace of the feeble-minded.
But only a feeble-minded idiot like yourself could imagine such incoherent messages such as "I'm living la vida loca" and "My hips don't lie" to actually be pop-culture offerings of smitten love birds with IQ deficiency.
I appreciate DeFazio's pluck, but Humphrey's theorem must extend to the feeble-minded, which includes those who believe they can prevent a personal health tragedy by refusing to participate in its prevention.
She gives birth in the same year that the Virginia legislature passed a law that calls for sterilization of people who are so-called socially inadequate, which includes people who are in institutions like the Virginia Colony for the Epileptic and the Feeble-Minded.
It's easy to understand how some feeble-minded person could construe this linkage from anti-Obama propaganda being regurgitated by the campaign and the Republican mouthpiece Fox News, which never misses an opportunity to stick in the knife.
By 1929, the Eugenics Board of Alberta, a four-member decision-making body, had begun the process of determining which feeble-minded Alberta citizens should be prevented from procreating.
They also document her efforts to insure that the mentally ill and the feeble-minded receive specialized treatment in appropriate facilities and to make outdoor relief payments to the elderly and to families with children more adequate.
If the feeble-minded could be eliminated from among the blind, we could all show far brighter results.
How was this feeble-minded female to know - besides, who was I to spoil his day as king of his very own dump?
And in this closed-off room, there is a neglected, abandoned, feeble-minded, starved child whom all must agree to leave so.
During the hearings at the Osaka High Court, Nishikawa pleaded guilty to killing Masaki but claimed he should not be criminally liable because he had drunken a large quantity of alcohol, which made him feeble-minded, while he maintained was not guilty of the three other murders.