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Bishop Joseph Schrembs, speaking on behalf of the "700,000 Catholic Citizens of the Diocese of Cleveland," told the members of the Public Health Committee that "Compulsory sterilization of so called feeble-mindedness in any of its degrees is a real menace to the Community and would lend itself in the hands of unscrupulous persons to the destruction of the most sacred human rights.
Goddard also set out to prove that feeble-mindedness was controlled by a single recessive gene which was inherited in Mendelian fashion.
Accounts of inherited shiftlessness, violence, hysterical fits, deformities, and feeble-mindedness recur throughout this narrative, which Kostir chalks up to "brains incapable of growing up like those of ordinary people.
Recent research by Sutton and his school medical team had shown that `the percentage of feeble-mindedness was one in a hundred in almost every community.
Goddard had been studying feeble-mindedness when he discovered the family, which he traced back over six generations.
The Bell Curve makes a passing mention of black IQ score increases, calls them encouraging, then quickly switches back to doom pronouncements about genetic determinism and the feeble-mindedness of minorities and the poor.
So long as a piece avoids the twin extremes of feeble-mindedness and impenetrability, complexity per se is no gauge of its worth.
By the 1950s psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers no longer focused on moral weakness or feeble-mindedness, as experts had during the Progressive Era.