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School records prove that Carrie's daughter Vivian was not feebleminded.
Reform schools used intelligence tests to segregate populations, shuttling the feebleminded minority inmates off to the Sonoma State Home for the Feeble-minded for sterilization.
During the first quarter of the century, tens of thousands of people who were diagnosed as feebleminded or insane would be institutionalized, sterilized, or both for eugenic purposes.
Fernald, former superintendent of the Massachusetts School for Feebleminded, and Dr.
I think I have gone over to the enemy,' Goddard said in 1928 when he addressed the American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded.
Aside from mentioning her beauty patch, "which fashionable ladies have employed for a long time," I said nothing about Maria Josefa's cosmetics, nor did I characterize the rest of the family as sluggish, feebleminded, and poached.
Any expectation that a 70,000-word document would streamline the existing 97,000 pages of EU regulations is feebleminded.
Those in the home are classified as feebleminded, imbeciles, and idiots.
Gesell used the word "cheated" to describe a mother who had unwittingly adopted a feebleminded baby.
1923: The Legislature changes the 1917 bill by passing a law "to provide for the sterilization of all feebleminded, insane, epileptics, habitual criminals, moral degenerates and sexual perverts who are a menace to society," if they consent or if a court orders it.