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I can assure him it is not the feeblest excuse I've heard, that one came for having a 'people's' vote.
As Philip Hughes writes, the emperor "realized that he had gained for the State religion merely the feeblest and most worthless of the Christians" and "had failed utterly to rally that better element whose falling away from the old ideals he so deplored."
Thirteen years is a morale-sapping time to go without a pay rise, with the Conservatives guilty of overseeing a record squeeze in earnings under the feeblest of economic recoveries.
In his Commons speech he shows that he is indeed the feeblest of puppets, reckless in judgement and entirely ignorant of those things he needs to know way beyond the immediate circumstances of Aleppo and Syria for any level of competence or wisdom.
It is certainly not his feeblest effort, but it is certainly far from his best.
All of the euphoria about reaching the FA Cup semi-final feels like it's been lost because of one the feeblest performances we've seen at Goodison in a long time.
If you have doubt about the Resurrection, (consider) that We created you out of dust, then out of a drop, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that We may manifest (Our power) to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then We bring you out as babes, then (foster you) that you may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age, so that they know nothing after having known (much), and (further), you see the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour rain down on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs)." (Qur'an, 22:5) Growing old is unavoidable.
Even the feeblest version - the variant we tried - makes 60 in 12.6 seconds on the way to 112mph, while the 134bhp model improves that to 10 seconds and 119mph.
Our feeblest contemplations of the Cosmos stir us--there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation of a distant memory, as if we were falling from a great height.
(35) Russ Wodell criticized Steam as "didactic" and "not up to [Kaleidoscope's] usual high standards" (18); George Gerhardt countered that "only the feeblest kind of cynic could not enjoy this production" (1977).
Because of our fallen state, struggle and even pain accompany the Christian journey, but God never abandons the athlete and complements the feeblest attempts at perfection.
This coffin was warmly and softly padded, and was provided with a lid, fashioned upon the principle of the vault-door, with the addition of springs so contrived that the feeblest movement of the body would be sufficient to set it at liberty.