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However, they advised I was in fact correct and told him he must apologise there and then, which he feebly did in a tone of utter contempt.
Kate's pained expression said it all as Wimbledon champion Andy Murray capped Britain's summer of sporting woe by feebly crashing out of the competition.
After a dull first half, the battering Hull inflicted on their hapless visitors took on a slightly surreal air and they might easily have reached double figures as the Cottagers groped feebly for a foothold in the game.
Yet she brings together what little there is and presents it, not necessarily as a living thing, but as something struggling, however feebly, just to be remembered.
The second tremor has been feebly felt in the Vidin province in northwestern Bulgaria, reports the Focus Information Agency.
More than 20 years may have passed since Fraser's ill-advised remarks, yet he still has the temerity to feebly mouth: "It is not my intention to resign".
It will never happen because fans will not accept it, and if you want to see what a relegation-free competition looks like just observe how feebly inconsequential so many Super League games are now that they have made the atrocious decision to close the door to anyone not in rugby league's top division.
to feebly claim he has no choice because of intolerance and prejudice festering in his constituency would leave any right thinking person wondering whether he is even fit for office himself.
THERE'S a certain delicious irony as a pathetic David Haye feebly blames a broken little toe for his capitulation against Wladimir Klitschko.
We put up with dictates, the unspoken silent majority, Feebly answering and obeying an unelected authority Foreign aid pours out which we are not able to afford The most generous of bankrupts, a Guinness Book of Records Does economic logic suggest that you borrow to give Then expect the electorate to accept and forgive.
A moment of brilliance by Myler put Warrington back ahead just after the hour but Catalan were far from broken and reclaimed the lead after Myler feebly palmed into Dureau's hands.
GROPING our way in the dark and stumbling over obstacles; looking for a pattern among the loose ends; striving feebly to live out the vast enigma of existence - there just isn't any adequate solution if we leave out God.