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Uptake of fenbendazole by grazing sheep with access to feed blocks containing fen-bendazole.
However, one of our key strengths is our geographic diversity, and sales of feed blocks in the US increased as a result of one of the coldest winters on record.
If a farmer wants to get a group of sheep attached to an area of hill quickly, strategicallyplaced feed blocks can definitely help, " said Owen Davies, researcher at the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service's (Adas) Pwllpeiran centre, near Aberystwyth.
We also have identified as a growth opportunity, the expansion of our supply of low moisture feed blocks for sale by other companies under their labels, as is the case under this agreement with PM Ag Products.
Its US feed blocks for livestock were particularly profitable after bad weather in the region earlier this year.
The company offers a range of services including farm machinery, feed blocks for livestock and a UK network of rural stores, as well as a facility footprint covering the UK, Europe and North America, supplying customers in 31 countries.
is investing in the JV to produce its patented low-moisture feed blocks.
To give you an example, my four Sussex heifers spent last winter with two pure Welsh Blacks of the same age on a diet of ad-lib ropey hay and feed blocks.
The cold weather that persisted until Easter and beyond, causing havoc for farmers, stimulated sales of compound feed, feed blocks, animal health products and fuel, and in the US the combination of droughts and a harsh winter also increased the market for the firm's feed blocks.
Launching the Rumevite initiative are,from left, Welsh Charolais region's chairman, Alwyn Rees of Machynlleth; Rumenco's David Thornton; breeder,Kevin Thomas,and BCCS Wales council member,Griff Morris RUMEVITE feed blocks worth pounds 3,000 are on offer for the leading Charolais herds in Wales.
And its agricultural feed blocks business and Carr's Billington arm comprise feed, retail and machinery operations.
The firm's strong performance was largely down to growing demand for animal feed, including the sale of its well-known Crystalix feed blocks with the adverse weather benefiting profit by PS1.