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Differences in feeding rates seem to be largely a function of how the assessment is done (for example, time spent at, or in close proximity to the feed bunk vs time spent with the head in the feed bunk).
All dairies provided shade in the corral area; half of them provided shade also at the feed bunk area.
Behavioral activities registered were latency to visit the feed bunk, latency time to start eating the concentrate, time spent eating the concentrate, number of events of vocalizations of high and low magnitude, sniffing, coughing, sneezing, interruptions in the intake concentrate for more than one minute, tongue rolling, and licking the feed bunk.
When I was 13 and thereby considered old enough to drive, I started each morning by shoveling corn silage into the back of our old truck, then shoveling the silage into feed bunks for the steers in our feedlot.
Roger, Ann, and Dane moved with razor precision, surprising roosters hiding in the spaces between the silo and barn, scooping up renegades from under the hay rack, nabbing nappers off the feed bunk, the round up was complete in less than an hour.
I've lost count of the number of different feed bunk designs that I've tried over the years for sheep, goats and calves.
The book included plans for hay sheds, bull pens, manure pits, highway markets, feeding sheds, hog houses (12 styles), movable hog houses (12 styles), poultry houses (18 styles), granaries and corn cribs (16 styles), scale houses, dairy houses, smoke houses, implement shed, creamery, cheese factory, ice house, farm shop and numerous feed bunks.
Vermont dairy farms generate about 500 tons of plastic annually from the wrap around hay bales, covers for feed bunks and other uses, but much of the plastic ends up at the landfill, at a cost to farmers.
The ITW DairyCUFF works in any environment - parlors, hospital barns, corrals, feed bunks and freestalls.
MIRACO-MIRAFOUNT PO Box 686, Grinnell, IA 50112; 641/236-5822, 800/541-7866, FAX: 641/236-3341 E-mail: miraco@miraco.com Web site: www.miraco.com Year established: 1982 Fiscal year: January-December Number of employees: 30 CEO/Pres/Ad Mgr: Carter Thomson Dir Mktg: Mike Witt Comms Mgr: Randy Jahl Products: Livestock waterers--Mirafount, BigSpring, LilSpring, LiIFount, E-Fount, EquiFount; feed bunks, pet waterers, contact Carter Thomson Ad agency: Solutions, Inc.