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Se levels of whole blood (ng/ml), roughages (ng/mg) and feed concentrates (ng/mg) of heifers according to regions and seasons.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) green fodder (maize with cup), (b) silage for the animal production units, (c) fodder additives for cattle, (d) chicken feed concentrates, also (e) milk packaging requisites.
The results show that milk processing, making and storage of dung cakes, collection of manure and caring of diseased animals, cleaning of animals ' sheds, watering of animals, making feed concentrates and feeding of livestock performed were the main activities performed by rural women.
An additional consequence of the poor weather has been that lamb producers have had to rely more heavily on brought-in winter fodder and feed concentrates in the last year, and the cost of these has increased markedly over the last 24 months.
I'm not saying don't feed concentrates but, overdo it and you will do more harm than good.
The experimental work was performed in the mixing plant of the Poultry breeding company in Ptuj where feed concentrates are mixed for chickens.
The aim is, based on this analysis, to develop a quantitative model to estimate the annual demand for feed concentrates in the EU, by member state, by category of animals, by physiological stage, by livestock production system and by feeding system.
Most farmers buy both their feed concentrates and milk replacers from the same wholesaler (which, in turn, buys from the same factory).