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In addition, Miglavs and Jobling (1989) showed that the relative sizes of liver and viscera decreased with either feed deprivation for 16 weeks or restricted feeding, which was 10% of feed consumption at satiation feeding for 8 weeks in Arctic charr (Salvelinus aplinus) and increased to levels exceeding those of fish fed continuously to satiation after fish were transferred from restricted to satiation feeding for the following 8 weeks.
Miglavs and Jobling (1989) reported that lipid decreased and water increased in the eviscerated carcass of Arctic charr with feed deprivation; however, liver lipid content of restrictedsatiation fish followed by satiation feeding was higher than that of fish fed to satiation without feed deprivation in 16week feeding trial.
2006) juvenile olive flounder subjected to 2-week feed deprivation were able to achieve full compensatory growth during 8-week feeding trials.
However, subadult olive flounder seemed to consume more feed on the days after 1, 2, 3 and 4-day feed deprivation in this study.
Significant improvement in weight gain and SGR of fish in 9WF-HP and 9WF-HPL, and 8WF-HP and 8WF-HPL treatments compared to those of fish in 9WF-HL, and 8WF-HL treatments with 1-, and 2-week feed deprivation groups in this study probably indicated that dietary supplementation of protein or combined high protein and high lipid was more effective in improving compensatory growth of fish than dietary supplementation of lipid only regardless of 1- or 2-week feed deprivation.
Feed deprivation up to 48 h was more detrimental to growth in broiler chicks than 24 h deprivation.
Feed deprivation during molt significantly enhanced H/L ratio so that the difference between before molt and 7 or 14 d after molt was significant (Table 2).