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to feed deprivation for 2 and 1 days a week for 30 days.
The growth performance values of fish in 4-meals-a-day treatment with or without feed deprivation is the same as for fish which receive two meals a day with weekly deprivation (Table 2).
A linear relationship between body weight of grower olive flounder (Y) and weeks of feed deprivation (X) was observed: Y = -1.
This indicated that grower olive flounder could achieve full compensatory growth after 4week feed deprivation at suboptimal temperature in this study.
Increased dietary protein levels from 32 to 37% seemed to effectively improve cumulative weight gain of channel catfish subjected to 3-day feed deprivation followed by 11day satiation feeding in three cycles for 6 weeks (Gaylord and Gatlin, 2001).
However, unlike these studies, body weight of juvenile turbot Scophthalmus maximus averaging 33 g and 62 g was directly related to the number of feeding days when fish were fed with commercial diet to apparent satiation for 7, 6, 5 or 4 days a week (Blanquet and Oliva-Teles, 2010) and the authors concluded that juvenile turbot should be fed daily as even cycles of short periods of feed deprivation adversely affected growth in this species.
Body weight of olive flounder was linearly reduced in proportion to weeks of feed deprivation (Cho, 2005; Cho et al.
At 7 days of age, the relative weights of proventiculus and gizzard were not influenced by post-hatch feed deprivation up to 48 h, but the liver, pancreas and jejunum weights were significantly higher in chicks fed during the initial 24 h period, compared to delayed feeding between 32-48 h after hatch (Table 2).
There were two treatments consisted of a group deprived of feed at the start of experiment (day 1) until around 30% body weight loss relative to initial body weight (T1) and a group similar to T1 except that received probiotics in the drinking water during feed deprivation.