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28 Kyodo The government and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plan to pay farmers 40,000 yen per 1,000 square meters for growing wheat, soybeans and feed grains to improve Japan's self-sufficiency in these crops, officials said Thursday.
Feed grain usage as a percentage of total crop production ranges from 18% for wheat, 52% for sorghum, 70% for corn, 75% for oats, to more than 90% of oil seed meals.
And feed grain guzzles water, some of which is pumped out of dwindling undergroun source.
In an attempt to lower production, as well as the CCC's cost for the wheat and feed grain programs, the act provides that, if supplies are excessive, the CCC may proclaim marketing quotas for each of the 1987-90 crops.
"While Japan imposes a near ban on rice, it is the world's leading importer of feed grain."
But we could be on our way to providing that kind of supply because increased feedlot business has been phenomenal now that feed grain is cheaper here relative to other areas."
The major damage was to corn and soybeans and maybe some peas and string beans, says Parlett, "so we're basically talking about feed grain."
The regression analysis, therefore, was wholly supportive of the hypothesis that an increase in feed grain prices tends to increase the price for retail food prices, over some time lag.
In addition to being our planet's top livestock feed grain, corn boasts over 3,500 uses, including human consumption, ethanol fuel and environmentally safe detergents, inks and paints.
Feed grain consumption in China has shot up from practically nothing in 1960 to 100 million tonnes at present.
"Does it pay to feed grain to cows on good pasture?"--R.
The price increases also led to 25 percent to 30 percent less food and feed grain exports, either because foreign buyers could not afford the grain or cheaper suppliers captured the market share.