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Their energy is unreal and they're always so up for it, which is great for me because I feed off that energy.
Whenever you can go out during pre-game warmups and feed off of energy because the fans are there packing the stadium that early, it truly is special," Mahomes explained.
As the name suggests, these large flies like to feed off horses, but any large mammal - cows, dogs and humans - will do.
The female flies need to feed off blood so they can produce eggs.
Summary: Martin Johnson has urged his England side to feed off the excitement of facing New Zealand and not be overawed by the All Black aura.
When they are put together, they inhibit each other, feed off each other, so you end up with many different processes when they're put together."
"We can feed off them and hopefully they feed off us."
Try new 'hedgehog-friendly' slug baits that don't poison animals feed off slugs.
Bruce expects his team to feed off the atmosphere generated by Jewell's reappearance.
Companies will compete for discarded "used" products as prime sources of raw materials, and one factory's manufacturing process will feed off the effluent (formerly known as pollution) of another.
2 The acquisition of Andy Johnson to feed off James Beattie means goals, goals, goals.
When Mikhail Baryshnikov created his Baryshnikov Arts Center last year, the hope was that someday its painters, choreographers, musicians, and directors would feed off one another and push their work in new directions.