feed upon

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However, in this study competitors were not allowed to feed on the algal tiles, allowing the focal individual more algae to feed upon.
The Manchester United defender said: "There was not a lot of space and service for Wayne to feed upon against Macedonia - but that will come.
to its author and Dracula is a novel about an arch-consumer, the vampire, who feeds upon middle-class women and then turns them into vampires by forcing them to feed upon him.
But all of them feed upon their host thereby causing discomfort, loss of condition and sometimes actual disease.
If you wipe out the seagulls this will result in an explosion of the feral pigeon population, as seagulls feed upon pigeons' eggs.
Three factors have to be present in order for mold to grow - moisture, warmth and organic material for the mold to feed upon.
Our data set was comprised mostly of foxes and cats (two species likely to capture and feed upon bats), but we had no reason to suspect that their behavior would create a disproportionate opportunity for infection by L.
Eliminade is sprayed into the crowns of beetle-infested trees to feed certain insect parasitoids that, in turn, feed upon beetle larvae.
On the basis of computer models and field samples, some researchers have suspected that such blooms dilute toxic metals by spreading them out among the much larger number of individual algae cells--and thus offering zooplankton less-contaminated algae to feed upon.
At the same time, swarms of dogfish and skate have moved in to replace and feed upon young cod, haddock and yellowtail.