feed upon

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The dolphins are almost certainly attracted to the mouth of Aberdeen Harbour so as to feed upon migrating salmon and sea trout.
Larvae feed upon various grasses, and the species will remain active during periods of overcast and light rain.
The manganese oxides created by superoxide could possibly be degrading carbon sources in a way that makes them easier for the fungus to feed upon, she speculated.
The imploding system has turned inwards to feed upon itself.
Additionally, it helps fertilise the waters, promoting the growth of algae that the farmed fish feed upon, he added.
The crayfish and competitor snails (if present for the trial) were in separate containers and were not provided food (snails or algae) to feed upon during the trial.
In this particular CSI, it appears that the dinosaur egg was broken by force, and subsequent fractures in the egg shell allowed scavenging creatures to feed upon the contents.
Not only does that make it unlikely they are going to be able to feed upon the great English literary canon in their teens but also makes a lot of the secondary curriculum inaccessible to them.
Her arrangement is chronological: enigmatically tight spaces before 1917, the poor and heavy feed upon the middle and upper classes 1917-22, heightened class consciousness 1922-26, and dismantling oscillations 1929-41.
Cushions of indoor-outdoor picnic furniture offer succor to bedbugs brought in on hapless guest's pants, whence they are certain to wend their way into child's bed, feed upon child's blood
The batsmen had nothing to feed upon but, far from boring, the cricket was fascinating as Warwickshire - Botha at one end and seamers rotating at the other - tried to winkle out stubborn opponents.
Their plan is to add the drug into the sucrose solution bees feed upon and expect commercialization of the vaccine this summer.