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What about stalks resources status quo, and how the stalk feed utilization rate will change in the next five years?
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These results could be attributed to the effect of sumac powder on improving feed utilization probably due to its anti-bacterial effect on gut micro flora [1].
A trend of reduced growth performance and feed utilization efficiency was reported in Nile tilapia fed on increasing dietary leucaena leaf meal [8].
And when you combine them with new efficiencies in crop processing, feed utilization and biofuel production, the prospects for achieving benefits that would extend to all humankind are even more pronounced.
18% was optimal for growth performance of fingerling sterlet sturgeon and revealed that addition of GP could spare dietary protein in terms of growth and feed utilization, although protein digestibility was not determined.
In order to make cessation or reduction on such as undesired results, many feed additives have been used for improving health conditions and the feed utilization efficiency [1].
The growth performance indices, feed utilization parameters and survival of the fingerlings fed the four different diets are shown in table 4.