feel compassion

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I was raised in a home which taught me to feel compassion and to help those in need.
James Hudson asked those gathered mourning his children's lives lost to also feel compassion for La Thorpe, something he and his wife feel, he said.
Moreover, unilateral compassionate action has the capacity to produce a miracle of transformation in the minds and spirits of those for whom we feel compassion and then act accordingly.
It's Alright To Look Different" is a vital modern fable which helps young children to identify with those who look different, and to feel compassion and empathy for all.
How do you feel compassion toward those who intentionally cause suffering?
The pieces slot together to deliver the larger story of what has brought Eldon to the point of dying from the drink and in so doing, Wagamese is careful to relate the tale of a man, who initially the reader judges as just another drunk and deadbeat dad, but for whom the reader comes to feel compassion and empathy.
You say you are not shy to feel compassion for the offender and their families, maybe you should stop and think the offender self inflicted his crime on himself and his family and put his victims through torture.
There is also an empathy gap and it was on display in the inability of either side to express or even feel compassion for the losses experienced by the other.
I feel sure that the majority of readers feel compassion for those without a home.
Save' is for people who feel compassion for their neighbors, and who love the earth.
If you behaved positively or neutrally and can still say you were wronged, feel compassion for yourself for being a wounded person.
Children who have not experienced the horror of war will feel compassion reading this story.