feel contempt for

References in classic literature ?
But why should they feel contempt for those who have suffered the misfortune of falling into their hands?
As for the man who chose to take a photograph at a horribly insensitive moment, I can only feel contempt for you.
Letter of the wins PS25, the others PS10 WEEK T Da THE Remembrance Day service from Whitehall made me feel contempt for our leading politicians placing wreaths at the Cenotaph.
So we should feel contempt for the internet trolls who posted vile comments about this brave man after he committed suicide.
He's not provided financially or emotionally for my son and I can't help but feel contempt for him.
As someone whose great grandfather and great great grandfather were self employed gun action filers I feel contempt for those who are prepared to dismiss our heritage in the name of PC.
Item Never Seldom Occasionally Often feel contempt for a consumer 17 14 9 feel less compassion for consumers 19 15 4 2 to feel depressed 21 11 7 1 to lower my expectations of consumers 23 11 6 feel less effective as a counselor 25 11 4 consider changing careers 29 10 1
And all it has done is caused people to feel contempt for North Wales' very important campaign against speeding motorists.
The production, like the playwright, seems to feel contempt for this Wal-Mart world, with its slogans and tears and bad clothes.
I feel contempt for people who fall for every new fad and miracle flab-cure that comes along - yet I know I eat like a trucker and may soon have a belly to match if I don't change something.
Of course, most fans feel contempt for the Home Counties mega-store day trippers and the provincial reflected glory boys in their Rooney shirts.
The writers use guarded and honest language in talking about fundamentalism: "We do not feel contempt for fundamentalism.