feel hurt

See: resent
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Oh, my love, don't feel hurt at my not opening my heart to you as I ought
Chilton better, and I'm afraid he'd feel hurt if I didn't have him.
Philip tried sometimes to put in something to help his friend, and Weeks gently crushed him, but so kindly, differently from the way in which he answered Hayward, that even Philip, outrageously sensitive, could not feel hurt.
WE all know what it is to feel hurt and angry, to feel that we are misunderstood, that no one loves us.
I am an old schoolfellow of his, too, I believe, and I must own I feel hurt that you have left me out," I said, boiling over again.
But she did keep on; she kept on too long; and then I began to feel hurt.
Poyser's observation: it would not do for him to dance with no one besides Hetty; and remembering that Jonathan Burge had some reason to feel hurt to-day, he resolved to ask Miss Mary to dance with him the first dance, if she had no other partner.
I'm not envious: I never feel hurt at the brightness of Isabella's yellow hair and the whiteness of her skin, at her dainty elegance, and the fondness all the family exhibit for her.
And although Nguyen walked away with Folayang's belt, the 28-year-old Aussie couldn't help but feel hurt seeing his friend get knocked out.
If Pep Guardiola and Manchester City feel hurt, I am sorry," said Alves, who quit Juventus on a free.
I can understand you feel hurt, but choosing a college has given her the first taste of individuality, of going away to find out who she really is, of being with friends instead of family - and that's natural too.
But you should also let them know that you feel hurt, even if it's through someone else.