feel pain

See: suffer
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Science has proven that these precious unborn children are able to feel pain at 20 weeks after fertilization, and even earlier.
Erroneously called a "20-week abortion ban" by the "mainstream" press, the bill is not based on the baby's age but the baby's ability to feel pain.
Rick Perry and abortion opponents who argue that 20 weeks is the point at which fetuses can feel pain.
He patiently explains to me that fish don't feel pain, that they don't have the necessary parts of the brain to process it to which I reply if they don't, then they do a pretty good impression of something in pain as they contort and frantically flip around in the bottom of the boat.
The Manchester United centre-half began to feel pain in the ankle within five minutes - and Fergie will not want to lose him again as he grapples with a defensive injury crisis at Old Trafford.
A SHERIFF has demanded to know if snakes feel pain - before trying a man accused of cruelty to his pet boa constrictor.
In our experiments we showed that if we hurt fish, they react, and then if we give them pain relief, they change their behavior, strongly indicating that they feel pain.
The first relates to the nature of pain and how to decide whether the fetus can ever be said to feel pain.
Tests showed that pre-term infants that have spent at least 40 days in hospital feel pain more acutely than healthy newborns.
I have been reading in the paper about how scientists from Norway and Purdue University, Indiana, have proved that fish do feel pain.
Sir - Bob Hathaway (Letters, Western Mail, August 1) has thrown down the gauntlet when asking if plants feel pain.
Escobar said he doesn't feel pain when he pitches, only when runs to stay fit.