feel pain

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Plants do not feel pain, nor the lower animals; it's possible that such animals as the starfish and crayfish do not feel pain at all.
I thought he might very naturally feel pain from his wound, and therefore pitied him; but”—and as she spoke she glanced her eye, with suppressed curiosity, toward the major-domo—
Tom groaned louder, and fancied that he began to feel pain in the toe.
Let me alone, and I'll plan it out: while I'm thinking of that I don't feel pain.
Then can you wonder that persons who are inexperienced in the truth, as they have wrong ideas about many other things, should also have wrong ideas about pleasure and pain and the intermediate state; so that when they are only being drawn towards the painful they feel pain and think the pain which they experience to be real, and in like manner, when drawn away from pain to the neutral or intermediate state, they firmly believe that they have reached the goal of satiety and pleasure; they, not knowing pleasure, err in contrasting pain with the absence of pain.
I should not say that it is not worth while to yell and feel pain because I have but a fortnight to live.
At 20 weeks, studies have provided strong evidence that babies can feel pain despite the fact that the nerve connections between the different parts of the brain are still developing.
The Swiss government banned restaurateurs Wednesday from throwing lobsters into boiling water while they were still alive, amid concerns that crustaceans feel pain during the common culinary practice.
MINISTERS will formally recognise that animals can feel pain under plans unveiled today.
All of our be killed professional a professional Matthew She said: "Our campaign is to point out to people that lobsters feel pain, they have a very complex central nervous system and they can also feel stress.
I told (the doctor), 'I feel pain in my heart,'' he said.
It is not worth wasting too much time discussing them, but it is relevant to note that scientists have in fact determined that fish do not feel pain.