feel pleasure

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But now she began to feel pleasure and interest in dress again.
In that case," replied Franz, "as I shall raise none, you may make arrangements when you please; I have pledged my word, and shall feel pleasure and happiness in adhering to it.
Human beings are constantly engaged in achieving some end they feel pleasure in success and pain in failure.
It was my nature to feel pleasure in yielding to an authority supported like hers, and to bend, where my conscience and self-respect permitted, to an active will.
He threw himself on the bench and stared dully at the wood and the signs of work around him, wondering if he should ever come to feel pleasure in them again, while Gyp, dimly aware that there was something wrong with his master, laid his rough grey head on Adam's knee and wrinkled his brows to look up at him.
Tanvir said they congratulate Christian community and feel pleasure in
Speaking on the occasion ,Station Commander Brigadier Shahzad Tanvir said they congratulate Christian community and feel pleasure in sharing their joy and cheerfulness.
Rather, Kant insists that we feel pleasure at the thought of actualizing the objects of our practical judgments, whatever they may be, and regardless of their hedonic value.
I feel pleasure for holding the third Shebin El Koum book fair and for the great number of audiences that attended the book fair," said Al- Namnam.
I feel pleasure to help my staff and serve our guests in a most courteous way providing them personalised services.
This reward system controls our ability to feel pleasure and motivates us to repeat behaviours such as eating, doing an activity that we enjoy and spending time with friends and family.
Using pornography to feel pleasure and escape feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety, boredom and frustration creates a gateway for addiction.