feel regret

See: repent
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It seemed strange to her that she should feel regret in leaving behind her such hideous perils, and yet it was plain to her that such was the fact, for she was also leaving behind something beside the dangers that had menaced her--a unique figure that had entered her life, and for which she felt an unaccountable attraction.
Before her in the pilot's seat sat an English officer and gentleman whom, she knew, loved her, and yet she dared to feel regret in his company at leaving the stamping ground of a wild beast!
"Dear travelers, we feel regret and apologize for any unpleasant travel experience or inconvenience caused to your current journey in Hong Kong.
A small but significant number of patients who had abnormal results, or did not get pregnant with one of their normal embryos, did feel regret after the testing procedure.
"We feel regret that no progress has been made in the ongoing rescue activities," Second Vice Foreign Minister Lee Tae-ho said Friday while presiding over a meeting on disaster and safety countermeasures on behalf of Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha.
The electoral climate in The Netherlands has certainly impacted on this, and even though we feel regret over Albanias being put on the competing parties agenda, we have no doubts about the fact that, beyond the horizon of the European elections, facts will prevail over the electoral clichs.
Each short film follows two main characters whose lives are interconnected in such a way that it leads them to feel regret; hence the title 'Kaash Keh'.
In the New Testament, "to repent," means "to change one's mind." It's possible to get emotionally charged and feel regret and remorse for what we've done, or not done, and yet not truly repent and make any kind of a change in our lifestyle.
'A lot of single mums feel regret or hate towards their children because it did not work out between them and their fathers and that is extremely wrong because this is a child that knows nothing; did not force himself or herself to be born through you.
While I feel regret, I also feel lucky that I got to work in this business.'
He added: "I have been told that not only do you feel regret but you also expressed empathy towards the victim.