feel regret

See: repent
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They then feel regret for their mistakes and strive to make up for their mistake and to improve their moral values by seeking shelter in Allah.
This is why Hao can't bring himself to feel regret, even if his own career hasn't had a storybook ending.
There were obviously good bits to the relationship, or you wouldn't have lasted as long as you did, so unless you have a heart of stone you'll feel regret.
Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) winter holiday gift givers indicated that they would regret overpaying for a gift if they found out they had missed out on any kind of discount for the item, and more than 3 in 5 (63%) would feel regret over missing out on a discount of less than 25%
Some Gentle Readers are guessing that it means answering only if you are accepting the invitation, and others that it means the same as that awkward phrase "Regrets only'' (which casts the host as assuming that those who decline feel regret, when they may not).
There isn't a day goes by that I don't feel sorry or feel regret about it, I sincerely hope that Prisoner X is OK and that I haven't harmed her in any way.
The report that a Saudi prosecutor has demanded capital punishment for Sheikh Baqir al-Nemr, an eminent, sympathetic and dedicated cleric, causes any loyal Muslim and any freedom-seeking man to feel regret and anguished," Dorri Najafabadi said in a statement on Wednesday.
He said he did not feel regret for the woman as he thought she deserved to die.
ON MEETING ANDY I like being the golden auntie but for Andy, I do feel regret ON NOT BEING MUM
Did we feel regret that we didn't record the event for posterity?
If we look at the scenario that you described, any good human being will feel regret as you did, and it must have left a good impression on your children as well, who learned, how a good human should behave if the person immediately realises what he/she did was wrong.