feel regret

See: repent
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It seemed strange to her that she should feel regret in leaving behind her such hideous perils, and yet it was plain to her that such was the fact, for she was also leaving behind something beside the dangers that had menaced her--a unique figure that had entered her life, and for which she felt an unaccountable attraction.
Before her in the pilot's seat sat an English officer and gentleman whom, she knew, loved her, and yet she dared to feel regret in his company at leaving the stamping ground of a wild beast!
Consequently, they have less reason to feel regret, since they've made their own choice.
We don't feel regret about the big problems because we know that our private actions have a tiny effect on how quickly the world unravels.
Trader community and civil society of the city have expressed sorrow over displaying banners in favour of DPO Zahid Marwat and DC Saira Umar and said that police must feel regret over killing of twelve innocent girls.
Does he ever feel regret that he didn't take that path?
Don't be insulted, Marcos was one of our bright leaders; I feel regret.
I constantly feel regret and get paranoid over the smallest of situations.
On the other hand a high ranking official at the Pakistan High Commission and source privy to the matter on condition of anonymity told this was the fourth time this year our high commissioner has not been invited from a confirmed event, and we feel regret that such things are happening.
We hypothesized that hedonistic women would be less likely to require sex in a committed relationship, less likely to be in a reciprocal love relationship and less likely to feel guilty or to feel regret following a hookup encounter.
According to the study into managing time and life admin priorities by the bank, 90% of people regret rushing their career choice and 87% feel regret over hurrying financial decisions.
Some Gentle Readers are guessing that it means answering only if you are accepting the invitation, and others that it means the same as that awkward phrase "Regrets only'' (which casts the host as assuming that those who decline feel regret, when they may not).