feel remorse

See: repent
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I do not feel remorse, because that woman, I profoundly hold, deserved her punishment.
She spoke in such a despairing voice that the lad began to feel remorse for his cruelty.
You'll feel remorse of conscience someday, I expect, for breaking it, Marilla, but I forgive you.
Then, when all other strong impulses have ceased, we become like the fiends in hell, who may feel remorse, but never repentance.
Mrs Ring believes Geary doesn't feel remorse for his actions, describing him as a predator who used her daughter's kindness to his advantage.
This illness means you lack empathy, don't feel remorse or guilt and aren't able to form real emotional attachments with others.
In fact, he is only living in the truth: "I had never been able to truly feel remorse for anything," he reflects in jail.
Mr John O'Byrne QC, defending, said the defendant did feel remorse.
The very fact you feel remorse shows you're not a terrible person - you're a person who did a selfish and thoughtless thing.
You claim to feel remorse for those attacks but I have no hesitation in rejecting that.
She might feel remorse, she might feel guilty, she might realise she has met her match and the game is up.
Judge Robert Trevor-Jones told Smith, of Witton Road, Tuebrook: "You are right to feel remorse.