feel resentment

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"I feel resentment towards social media at times, but as I documented my trip with UNICEF, I understood the true value -- someone is listening.
Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, said some Israelis feel resentment over what he described as the British royal family's boycott of Israel over the years.
The author recalls it was shocking to see a girl smiling at a faded photograph of an idol in such a situation, in which people would normally feel resentment and fury.
And I never forgot "What's credit?" Those words have crossed my mind many times in the ensuing decades, whenever I am tempted to seek recognition for something, whenever I feel jealousy over an award or accomplishment earned by a peer, or when I feel resentment.
Of course I could entirely sympathise with the point of view of authors who struggle to get agents and contracts and who understandably feel resentment of celebrities who make it all seem so easy and there is a very real fear of celebrity publishing creaming off all the marketing spend when it is unknown and debut authors who need the help.
There is nothing wrong with that, except the structure was likely paternalistic, which means your father would treat you and other employees the way parents treat their children, including criticizing you in public and expecting you not to feel resentment in the process.
There's nothing like someone bigger that you being a bully to make you feel resentment and rage.
"George may feel resentment toward his mother and sibling, leading to bad behaviour, waking up in the night, becoming aggressive or regressing to an earlier developmental stage - all in a bid to bring the focus back to him.
Does she feel resentment from the more senior members about reporting to someone 20 years their junior?
Still, she doesn't feel resentment toward men and doesn't "want to destroy them," like a snake.
I no longer feel resentment for my 'brothers and sisters' (of the communist regime).