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Planting style: Big, bold and exotic height and volume, dense planting so you feel small and in amongst it.
S adults (51 percent) feel small businesses receive insufficient financial support from banks.
One example is the preservation of the cathedral because, says De Botton, it rightly makes us feel small inside and we recognize "the debt that sanity owes to such a feeling.
I recall vividly what it was like to feel small in a big world.
Ocean Giants Sunday, BBC 1, 9pm Prepare to feel small and insignificant as underwater cameramen Doug Allan and Didier Noirot follow the largest marine mammals, including fighting humpback whales and 200-tonne blue whales.
Biters often tend to be the youngest child in a family because they feel small and powerless compared with older siblings who seem stronger and can communicate better.
Underneath a quote from Gandhi - "We must be the change we want to see in the world" - some base-touching, clich-spouting, trainee management consultant has written: "The Big Society is a society in which we as individuals do not feel small.
You may feel small, you may think you can't do anything at all but you can.
We shouldn't feel small even though Holland have great name players in the team.
The queue jumper, the ex who made you feel small and shabby, the council official who cut your services and won't take your calls or the people who never listen to a word you say?
I feel small steps are very important because every small step leads you to the big goal," he said.
Don't be bullied by new faces, who think they can make you feel small with their behaviour and looks.