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There are multiple ways to help make a wine club feel small.
It makes you feel small and if my domestic staff is insulted then I am insulted.
Tyson says that many people feel small in relation to the universe, but that it's only partly true.
And though the tight suspension allows you to feel small road imperfections a little bit more than the standard Mini Cooper, the small bumps you feel on the road don't take away from the driving experience.
BI needs to make Big Data feel small for users in 2014
Muscat: Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has named Rub' Al Khali ('Quarter of Emptiness') in the Sultanate among one of the world's top 10 'sights to make you feel small.
As a retired nuclear engineer, I feel small whenever I contemplate the unfathomable vastness of the cosmos.
In the Land of the Giants is a collection of poems in which the characters are said to feel small and insignificant in a big world.
Planting style: Big, bold and exotic height and volume, dense planting so you feel small and in amongst it.
S adults (51 percent) feel small businesses receive insufficient financial support from banks.
One example is the preservation of the cathedral because, says De Botton, it rightly makes us feel small inside and we recognize "the debt that sanity owes to such a feeling.
I recall vividly what it was like to feel small in a big world.