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This is above statutory pension increases, meaning that older people will feel the pinch along with the rest of the country.
Summary: Residents and motorists in Sharjah still feel the pinch after the closure of Enoc and Eppco petrol stations in the emirate.
Karachi, Mar 2(ANI): Pakistan may have won their first two matches of the 2011 World Cup, but "could feel the pinch against stronger opposition" unless one more bowler is included in the squad, former skipper Imran Khan has said.
If you don't feel the pinch, please keep your comments to yourself, keep quiet, pray and count your blessings!
As China redirects more of its funds into domestic demand, international credit markets - and debtor nations like the United States - are likely to feel the pinch. That has profound implications for international financial stability.
We're being told to tighten our belts but it seems the politicians are always the last to feel the pinch.