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What we saw was that storage stocks were probably the last companies to feel the pinch when spending started to dry-up and the first to feel mild bumps in spending on their income statements as well as in their stock prices.
Their parent company Vivendi have decided to cut their losses as footballing giants throughout Europe continue to feel the pinch after years of over-paying stars.
When a back injury causes the spongy cushion between two vertebrae to protrude from its encasement, spinal nerves may feel the pinch.
Houston continues to feel the pinch of the nursing shortage, and as the demand for health care continues to rise, the growing shortage will only intensify," said Barbara Summers, chief nursing officer, M.
Mining and energy companies across Canada are starting to feel the pinch of finding skilled and technical labour.
Shane Connole of IFG Mortgage Network said all mortgage holders are set to feel the pinch.