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BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - MP for the State of Law Coalition Ahmed al-Asadi stressed that the promotion of the return of the Peshmerga to Kirkuk and other areas, aims to feel the pulse of public opinion and influence on the Iraqi street.
The UAE's Al Khaleej said Israel's violations against Al Aqsa Mosque are an attempt to feel the pulse for the next move it has to take for the Judaisation of the mosque.
Mr Blair received a muted reception at the Royal Opera House event last night, but said: "I feel the pulse of progress beat a little more confidently.
VSNA member Lynne Caulfield, RN, was one of the nurses who provided blood pressure checks and stated that; "Being a nurse at the State House is a great way to feel the pulse (no pun intended) on the legislative wellness of our state.
This foundational philosophy is reiterated throughout the book, and is summed up in her mnemonic "ASPIRE": "Awareness--Pay attention to every detail; Stretch--Sit up tall so that you can take a full breath and move freely over the keys; Pulse--Always feel the pulse before you play a note so you can let the pulse carry you over the notes; Inhale Take a breath when you hear the music in your head; Ride on the pulse--Let your body move or 'ride' the pulse.
Gandhi is reportedly making efforts to feel the pulse of the youth in the economically backward regions of the country.
And distribution companies have to feel the pulse of the fluctuating cost and shipment expenses of petrol.
A private 1,129 s/f outdoor space includes curved balconies and a grand terrace where Gouzer--who registered as an LLC for the purchase recorded in city records last week, but whose name was on state department records--can feel the pulse of the heart of the Chelsea gallery scene.
Fly phone theatre MV135 - Feel the pulse of beats and music with Booom speakers [Review]
The elected members of the Parliament could actually feel the pulse of social fabric and come out with solutions for the problems of the people.