feel uneasy about

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If the players are of a similar mindset, then they may feel uneasy about playing this game and that they're not really entitled to it.
He added: "I understand some people feel uneasy about faith minorities asking for special rights but I am not trying to be divisive or offend anyone.
She feel uneasy about meeting Critchley when she finished work at night.
In the first episode, he visits a local farm that produces welfare-friendly animals, exploring the reasons why the British public often feel uneasy about eating veal.
Some of your friends might also feel uneasy about it, so find more appropriate words to convey what you mean.
Smith would feel uneasy about playing against the team he supports and played for and he also thinks it would be better for his career to try his luck in Europe.
But as DeWitt was walking back to the sideline, he began to feel uneasy about the arrangement.
Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi instructed his cabinet earlier in the day to draw up a new economic stimulus package worth more than 10 trillion yen, and "this made investors feel uneasy about buying bonds," a broker at Kankaku Securities Co.
One householder was still receiving counselling after the break-in at her home and she continued to feel uneasy about being in the house alone, said prosecutor Mark Phillips.
I DON'T like Didier Drogba, but I still feel uneasy about the fact he has been given a three-match ban for his reaction to having coins thrown at him by Burnley fans last week.