feel unsure

See: doubt, hesitate
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To feel unsure of what you're doing and uncertain of what your skills are.
This substance doesn't smell much, so the first you know, you have a really sore head and feel unsure on your feet.
Learning can be like that, we may want to increase our skills but feel unsure or nervous about coming out of the comfort zone'.
When you then factor in that the UK is in a 'technical' recession, but has also measured growth, it is no wonder that van drivers feel unsure of what to do.
Even for an audience reared on Google Maps, you never feel unsure of the path being presented.
And as Chelsea prepare to visit Leicester's shock league leaders on Monday, Mourinho admitted: "The fans are being unbelievable, I even feel unsure how to react when they sing my name and I feel a bit embarrassed because I do not know how to.
If you still feel unsure of the result, you can get a second opinion or a pathology review from another doctor who can take a look at your biopsy tissue again.
AQUARIUS January 21-February 19 Work has put you under enormous pressure lately, and you may feel unsure of who is on your side and who is using you.
You have to feel unsure and insecure when playing it safe seems smarter.
Company directors can feel unsure whether these accountants are really acting in the best interests of the bank, rather than the business they are trying to save, and as a result, this traditional approach can limit the range of potential strategies available to take the business forward," he said.
Legg and Kate Sweeny wrote that the process of giving or getting bad news is difficult for most people, particularly when news-givers feel unsure about how to proceed with the conversation.
This is especially true when it comes to social media, which respondents identified as an area where they continue to still feel unsure in their capability to address risks.