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There was a very strong correlation between intuitive feeler and global, (+.
Style African American (87%) Caucasian (11%) Introvert (I) 69% 43% Feeler (F) 63% 78% Intuitive Feeler (NF) 40% 39% Sensing Feeler (SF) 23% 39% Intuitive Thinker (NT) 19% 13% Sensing Thinker (ST) 18% 09%
Feelers are most concerned with the impact the decision will have on people.
The Feeler purchase included two Feeler FTC-20 turning centers, one of which replaced an older machine, and a Feeler FV-760 vertical machining center.
While the blink(TM) book utilizes a feeler swatch for the tactile experience, it replaces traditional carpet color swatches with High Resolution Digital Simulation (HiRezDS) pads.
Larry Feeler, president and CEO at WorkSTEPS, added: "There are enormous synergies between WorkSTEPS and Hanoun Medical, as we share similar goals and missions and possess complementary functional technologies.
Yung feeler na yun because it's the mother trying to talk to the President.