feeling of dejection

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Today, as I have said, she returned from their house with a heavy feeling of dejection. There was a sensation of bitterness, a sort of mocking contempt, mingled with it.
Talking about the feeling of dejection within South Punjab, Murad said that the present government was focused on developing South Punjab.
Similarly to Bayern, Liverpool reached back-to-back finals, and having tasted defeat in Kiev 12 months ago, they were able to harness the feeling of dejection and launch themselves onto the winners podium this time around.
As fans trooped out of St James' Park after Wolves' 94th-minute winner there was a feeling of dejection around the ground.
She returned to her family's home to nurse a deep feeling of dejection. Her 75-year-old father-in-law, a vain and extravagant man, threatened to disinherit her children if she does not return home.
Out of total 7,355 polling stations in Afghanistan, 1000 are declared by security officials to be completely out of control of Afghan administration whereas nearly 2000 are considered to be lying between the domains of medium to the high-security threat.The attack on Kabul is specifically orchestrated in order to put a feeling of dejection in the minds of the general public about the government.
THERE can be no greater feeling of dejection for a professional rugby player than the moment you're told that your British and Irish Lions tour has been ended by injury.
They shared the feeling of dejection, although you couldn't really see it in their eyes.
His feeling of dejection and loneliness was apparent in his narrative featuring a lack of enjoyment and emotional support.
Moult, who is Wrexham's leading scorer this season, remembers the utter feeling of dejection after the defeat, and is drawing on that as the sides go head to head on Saturday at the Racecourse.
The feeling of euphoria when you win against Australia is hard to describe, likewise the feeling of dejection when you lose.