feeling of depression

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Likewise, if we feel depressed we will tend to interpret what happens around us in such a way that it reinforces (and exacerbates) the feeling of depression.
To add to the feeling of depression, Rangers have signed Kirk Broad foot on a pre-contract.
These reporters, he added, "are desperate and pessimistic," according to Otari, observing that many of their "articles and reports seek to cement the feeling of depression among the public.
Clinical depression must be distinguished from the perfectly normal, but temporary, feeling of depression which arises from something like a bereavement or a job loss.
The atmosphere around the club is still very positive so there is no feeling of depression about the league results.
When you are temped to say, "I am depressed," think instead, "Although a feeling of depression is passing through me at the moment, I know it is only temporary.
For many people this means a change in their mood; they are overcome by a feeling of depression.
There is a feeling of depression and your ego takes a dent.
But she can't allow herself to feel bad for too long, or she'll get deeper into it and a real feeling of depression will sink in.
Flanked by unadorned square exits and that ghastly brick wall the Swan is cursed with left you with the general feeling of depression.
But the fact that England may well qualify will lead to an overall feeling of depression in Scotland when the World Cup finals begin and we are not there.