feeling of depression

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If Little Dorrit found herself left a little lonely and a little low that night, nothing would have done so much against her feeling of depression as the being able to sit at work by her father, as in the old time, and help him to his supper and his rest.
Besides the raw and empty feeling of depression, Cortez paints images of nature in vibrant colors and richly textured strokes.
Stay connected: Being in the presence of people and not restricting yourself to indoor activities can help cope with SAD as isolation adds to the feeling of depression.
When you are temped to say, "I am depressed," think instead, "Although a feeling of depression is passing through me at the moment, I know it is only temporary.
But she can't allow herself to feel bad for too long, or she'll get deeper into it and a real feeling of depression will sink in.
These reporters, he added, "are desperate and pessimistic," according to Otari, observing that many of their "articles and reports seek to cement the feeling of depression among the public.
To add to the feeling of depression, Rangers have signed Kirk Broad foot on a pre-contract.
All too often, interior spaces are left in dark shadows with poor lighting, creating a feeling of depression.
Likewise, if we feel depressed we will tend to interpret what happens around us in such a way that it reinforces (and exacerbates) the feeling of depression.
Clinical depression must be distinguished from the perfectly normal, but temporary, feeling of depression which arises from something like a bereavement or a job loss.
Flanked by unadorned square exits and that ghastly brick wall the Swan is cursed with left you with the general feeling of depression.