feeling of uncertainty

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The reasons why Danes refused to chose what we proposed is probably that there's this feeling of uncertainty given the fact that Europe is right now faced with other major problems which we haven't really solved.
His first film, "The Myth of the American Sleepover," was a sweet and tender coming-of-age story set in the landscape of suburban Americana following one specific night in the lives of a dozen teenagers; it wasn't so much what happened throughout that night that was interesting, but how Mitchell created a very poignant feeling of uncertainty, insecurity and longing mixed with a tinge of that boundless hope distinct to adolescence.
For now up until May 6, a feeling of uncertainty can leave homeowners unsure of the best tactics to use when selling.
It was like feeling very uncertain one afternoon outside a city, a non-model city, like that feeling of uncertainty one gets while riding in an elevator that opens on both sides.
A year ago things still felt undeniably tough, with some success stories poking their nose slightly above the parapet but not enough to shake off a feeling of uncertainty across the region.
A general feeling of uncertainty permeated global markets, resulting in low growth, a situation exacerbated by the eurozone crisis," Mercer said in an executive summary of the report.
More seems to be at work, however, than these mechanical forces - namely, a general feeling of uncertainty," Blanchard said in a commentary on the forecasts.
That feeling of uncertainty should not lead to Europe giving Greece everything that the government there wants.
WORKERS can often have a feeling of uncertainty when their business or organisation is transferred to a new owner.
Said Steve Birnkrant, CEO of Amplitude Research, "Many of those who felt there was a negative impact described a feeling of uncertainty or concern about the potential network security risk involved in outsourcing technology jobs offshore.
While the final legacy of the Bush Administration in the complex arena of estate planning was a feeling of uncertainty, those who are experts in the field have found that the last year has provided a slight sense of relief--and some opportunity to help clients make the most of some new tax-saving strategies.
This increase may be due to a general feeling of uncertainty in the construction industry.