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Energy-starved nations are feeling the pinch with this rise in oil prices, but sometimes short-term sacrifices need to be made for long-term gains.
They're feeling the pinch when it comes to the cost of living."
Even at a time when we are all feeling the pinch, there is always a remarkable willingness to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves.
BABY boomers are among those feeling the pinch of soaring living costs the most, say experts.
Cllr Lesley Rennie, who is the cabinet member for transport, said: "I want to make sure that we do all we can to help people who are feeling the pinch at this time of year and also to support our small traders."
Summary: This economic downturn seems to be going on forever, and even Queen Elizabeth is feeling the pinch. What we all need is a good laugh.
Canadian hog farmers dealing with dollar-loonie parity: Canadian hog farmers are feeling the pinch from the return to parity between the Canadian dollar and the American greenback.
Riverside MP Louise Ellman said: "This shows that both young and old are feeling the pinch through the credit crunch.
Motorists are now feeling the pinch of the recent rises at the petrol pump, with average petrol prices topping pounds 1 a litre at motorway service stations and in rural areas last week.
Is anyone naive enough to think that they are feeling the pinch? Especially the politicians who most likely have their new cars taxed, insured and petrol paid on expenses.
"He is feeling the pinch from the credit crunch," Contactmusic quoted a source as telling the Sun.
Like Honda, Audi are also feeling the pinch, resulting in a re-think regarding their plans for next year, primarily pulling out of the American Le Mans Series.