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The diamond industry is feeling the pinch as synthetic diamonds gain more currency.
Washington, Mar 25 (ANI): Brit singer Boy George is feeling the pinch after his clothing store had to be closed down due to heavy losses.
Like Honda, Audi are also feeling the pinch, resulting in a re-think regarding their plans for next year, primarily pulling out of the American Le Mans Series.
Traders already feeling the pinch may well be hit as customers decide to stay at home.
ROBERT Wiseman Dairies today said it was feeling the pinch from soaring oil prices as it revealed general interim operating costs had risen by 10%.
Pizza makers around the nation--from family run pizzerias to national delivery chains--are feeling the pinch from escalating costs for an essential ingredient in a hotly competitive, $30 billion-plus industry.
Johannesburg Hospital is feeling the pinch as nurses continue to leave state hospitals for better pay and working conditions, forcing hospitals to hire nurses from agencies at higher rates.
We are not feeling the pinch yet,'' said Superintendent Jaime Castellanos.
Employers are feeling the pinch from that gap today, he says.
All of Germany's dioceses, the bishop said, are feeling the pinch.
Corporations are feeling the pinch for storage solutions that safeguard against data outages and protect profits.
With or without claims, contractors are feeling the pinch in insurance premiums.