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It seems that in the rush to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, manageability of virtual environments was underestimated and administrators are now feeling the pinch of manual processes.
FEELING THE PINCH J Mum-of-nine Lisa Goddard with her three daughters, Amber, Tayla and Emma, and friend Staci Smith and her son logan who live with the family
HOMEOWNERS will be feeling the pinch again this week when the new carbon tax is levied.
The council tax rises in North Tyneside and Northumberland are not insubstantial at a time when households are feeling the pinch already.
At a time when many people are feeling the pinch, the politicians in Westminster should reduce the costs of politics which the rest of us are paying for.
Students at IIM-A are feeling the pinch of recession.
CONSUMERS might be feeling the pinch, but it's not stopped them supporting a good cause.
Sarah Lee, manager of Contact a Family West Midlands, said: "Everyone is feeling the pinch.
Traders already feeling the pinch may well be hit as customers decide to stay at home.
This is costing motorists dearly and with the cost of living increasing, everyone is feeling the pinch.
Fans are already feeling the pinch following the hiked costs in getting to Athens & it's looking like there's going to be a lot of business for our black market friends.
Iain Dowie, Alan Pardew and Glenn Roeder are all feeling the pinch right now.