feelings of guilt

See: remorse
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Secondly, if we acknowledge that we have wronged another person, admitting same and apologising will also help to lift the feelings of guilt - regardless of whether or not the person accepted the apology.
Many of your correspondents write to you about feelings of guilt for being sexually attracted to someone outside of their relationship or expressing their resentment about their partner "cheating"on them.
PEOPLE often write to you about feelings of guilt for being attracted to someone outside their relationship or their resenting their partner "cheating"on them.
There seem to be a lot of words for feelings of guilt, such as qualm, compunction and scruple.
The legacy of American slavery remains a thorny, contentious issue to this day; a teacher's goal is to help students look past gut feelings of guilt, outrage, or other strong emotions, and develop their critical thinking skills.
As Dana struggles to come to terms with her feelings of guilt, anger and loneliness, she wonders what's left of their friendship.
Jeremy is wrestling with the loss of his younger brother and his feelings of guilt because he was in charge of his brother when he died.
Anthony is also struggling, both with his feelings of guilt and the sense of worthlessness that his mother's abusive ex-partner has instilled in him.
I'm sorry you are struggling with these feelings of guilt and I hope what you did is not as bad as you think.
It was said Mozid had also contacted a chaplain to "explore his feelings of guilt and remorse".
But only telling part of the truth, as opposed to not confessing at all, was more likely to lead to increased feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety, the research found.
But RVP, on the mark against Crystal Palace yesterday, said his close-season attempts to relax were scuppered by feelings of guilt over United's Champions League shortcomings.