feelings of guilt

See: remorse
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Many new mums have feelings of guilt if they dread feeding times and are not enjoying feeding when so many articles say it's the easiest thing in the world.
But you mustn't let any feelings of guilt stop you from confiding in your parents or anyone else.
I'm sorry you are struggling with these feelings of guilt and I hope what you did is not as bad as you think.
It was said Mozid had also contacted a chaplain to "explore his feelings of guilt and remorse".
But only telling part of the truth, as opposed to not confessing at all, was more likely to lead to increased feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety, the research found.
But RVP, on the mark against Crystal Palace yesterday, said his close-season attempts to relax were scuppered by feelings of guilt over United's Champions League shortcomings.
Mona, 15 IT may be this is your first experience of death, made worse by the feelings of guilt.
Many clients present with feelings of guilt, shame, and embarrassment intertwined with their presenting problems.
Taking time to savour a treat is always more satisfying than gobbling it down with feelings of guilt or shame.
These feelings of guilt may ultimately manifest themselves as posttraumatic stress disorder.
Feelings of guilt are usual for six percent of nappers, and another 23% sometimes feel guilty.
I feel unbounded concern for Madeleine, but I don't feel guilty and they won't lessen their feelings of guilt by trying to make us share them.