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Smith said a single liner - a single 60 mm sheet of hard plastic over two feet of clay - would not assure local residents that soil and water would be protected.
March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- According to author Wendy Quirk, the chronic woes of the Catholic Church have left the once-gilded hierarchy more recently perceived as having feet of clay.
How will the revelation that the hierarchy has feet of clay play with them?
Naturally comprised of five to six feet of clay followed by a layer of gravel from a neighboring river, a layer of slate and finally rock, the area pushes the limits of drilling equipment.
The recording is almost saved by Neil Young, but even he shows his feet of clay, relying too heavily on his old songwriting device of repeating a line whenever he thinks it might come across as profound.
Al Conrad, New Hope Pipe Liners' Sales and Marketing Representative, said U-Liner was used to rehabilitate 4700 of the 5400 feet of clay pipe.
Mr Right turns out to have feet of clay and you would be far better off looking for someone else.
In a recent New York Review of Books (February 20) Gordon Wood reminds us that it is not Jefferson's feet of clay, the feet of an eighteenth-century slaveholder still partially set in the beliefs of his age, that matter; rather, it is his "transcendent statements" we need to honor, statements in which the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem to be extended to all.
Silk notes that Peter Steinfels, senior religion writer for the New York Times, finds a limited number of religion stories: "religious leader reveals feet of clay, ancient faith struggles to adjust to modern times, scholars challenge long-standing beliefs, interfaith harmony overcomes inherited enmity, new translation of sacred scripture sounds funny, and devoted members of a zealous religious group turn out to be warm, ordinary folks.
After his death, critics set vigorously about revealing "the idol's feet of clay.
Burns does not neglect the sport's warts, most prominently the bigotry that kept blacks out of the major leagues until 1947, or hesitate to reveal the feet of clay of many of its idols.