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For example, while the book reproduces many of the artworks that inspired Holt, these do not include Nauman's photograph Feet of Clay (1966-67/1970).
KARACHI -- The phrase 'feet of clay' suggests a shortcoming or flaw in a person who is widely respected.
Those 'feet of clay' have already planted seeds of doubt in many Evertonians' minds over Stekelenburg's credentials to remain Blues number one for any significant period of time.
They're written for adults, but comic-book-loving kids over 12 can appreciate them too (as long as you don't mind exposing them to heroes with feet of clay, or pictures of giant phalluses).
And he's stuck with Bond Street" Jeremy Corbyn hits back at David Cameron "When a child says his or her ambition is to be rich and famous, somebody somewhere needs to point out that sometimes there are feet of clay, and that fame isn't a guarantee of virtue, goodness, or kindness" Broadcaster Esther Rantzen speaking after the publication of the report on Jimmy Savile
SIMON MIGNOLET may have a touch of gold in his gloves, but he must change his feet of clay to secure a long-term Anfield future.
even as local gods showed feet of clay, failing sons.
This has all the tropes of light, romantic fiction: sudden independence, big city, fashion, glamorous adults with feet of clay, bad boy with a soft side.
Easily-cut Cooper was so battered and bloodied in the fifth that the fight was stopped, ringside reporters losing their chance for "Feet Of Clay" headlines.
But none of this is as bizarre as Indians continuing to flock to godmen despite evidence surfacing every now and then of them being men with feet of clay.
His topics include exploring the "century" issue, evaluating China's place in the world, feet of clay, whose century, and toward Sino-US re-engagement.