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89), with higher scores indicating that a person's past decisions to feign an orgasm with a current partner were related to his or her perception of the timing of his or her partner's orgasm.
the general population of women has the sufficient ability to feign psychological injury in IPV, the figure being estimated at around 75%.
Though the findings support that participants were able to feign effectively psychological injury in terms of primary and secondary disorders associated to traffic accidents should not obscure the fact that these were associated with unrelated symptoms.
A form of irony in which a person feigns indifference to, or pretends to refuse, something he or she desires.
BETWEEN THE LINES: The Democrats and the largest union in the country, the National Education Association, now feign dismay over the federal web of rules and regulations that always accompanies federal funding.
Indeed, James is compelled by his mother to feign illness to avoid fighting in the Civil War, suffers the painful deaths and suicides of both family members and friends, and deals with the indignities of colossal failure on the London stage.
State of the Nation discovered 15 per cent feign illness for at least two days every year.
We would never encourage people to feign injury to take time off work.
So much so that some cynics even speculated that stars at the All England Club would be forced to feign interest in Euro 2004 in order to stand a chance of grabbing any column inches whatsoever.
He walked off the training ground saying his hamstring was tight but what he failed to reveal in his interview was that he had told other members of the squad before training that he intended to feign injury.