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Souness claims Bellamy "feigned injury" before a match against Arsenal in January 2005 and that this led to the forward heading out on loan to Celtic later that month.
Thus feigners were not only able to feign both primary and secondary psychological injury of IPV, but also the probability of registering psychological injury was greater among mock than adjudicated victims.
Figure 1 shows that the more nonirradiated weevils feigned death than irradiated males on the day of irradiation (d 0); however, this difference between the nonirradiated and irradiated males decreased over 2 d.
In order to assess the first objective of the present study i.e., to determine the ability to feign psychological injury, the responses of the feigning condition were contrasted with the cutoff point (70 being the most common score) beyond which the "diagnostic impression" that the subject is deemed pathological (Hathaway & McKinley, 1999).
Yet some biologists now question that truism and are looking for a fuller explanation for the roles that feigned death might play in animal interactions.
When I first met my boyfriend, I feigned interest in this game he gets so worked up about.
He should watch real men, real sportsmen in rugby (both codes) - men who never dive, cheat, feign injury or question the decisions of the man in the middle.
"To feign illness or other incapacity in order to avoid duty or work.
Paul Cook and Steve Jones, drummer and guitarist, strain to feign any interest.
Larry Feign, an American cartoonist, once had the most popular comic strip in the Crown Colony.
accismus Greek akkismos prudery, a derivative of akkizesthai to feign ignorance
He added that the new regulation was clearly stated in the business permits and owners would not be able to feign ignorance.