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Negative Distortion Scale for feigned mental disorders: A research
Badalamenti was tried for the murder of Michele Lipari in 1979 but feigned madness in court, at one point yelling out: "I want my mummy.
High scores on this factor indicate that high alcohol consumption and/or drug use was an influential reason in a person's decision to having feigned an orgasm with their current partner.
the forensic psychologist cannot classify a feigned protocol as honest given the implications this would have for the accused (i.
Oregon fans have suspected feigned injuries on other occasions this season.
Evidence that the "To be" speech was designed as a feigned soliloquy
The Detection of Feigned Uncoached and Coached Posttraumatic Stress Disorder With the MMPI-2 in a Sample of Workplace Accident Victims.
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The animal feigned death, resting in the supine position for about three minutes.
Assessment of feigned cognitive impairment; a neuropsychological perspective.